Dynamo Setup for TestFit Users

How to setup Dynamo and Dynamo Player to utilize TestFit's Dynamo Package and Workflows


If you'd like to download the scripts, you can do so here. Here is the webinar showing all scripts being run.

Dynamo Packages

For our Dynamo workflows to work properly, the following packages are needed from the Dynamo Package Manager. In Dynamo, go to Packages->Search for Packages and search the names.


Dynamo Player

We don't expect you to open Dynamo every time you want to run a script therefore we utilize Dynamo Player to make it easier. Dynamo player can be accessed under Manage->Visual Programming->Dynamo Player in Revit. If you want to open them in normal Dynamo, that is also possible.

You'll need to point Dynamo Player to the folder where you have placed your scripts. Click the folder icon in the top left and chose the location of the scripts.

Dynamo Version

These scripts are based on Dynamo 2.6 however should work with any Dynamo version above 2.0. They have not been tested against versions lower than Dynamo 2.0. To check your version, in Dynamo go to Help->About...




Measurement Units

Our TestFit RSD files save in Imperial (ft.) or Metric (meters). Revit defaults to feet for Imperial but defaults to millimeters for Metric. Make sure to change the units in Revit to meters if you are importing any Metric TestFit files. This menu can be found in Revit under Manage->Settings->Project Units.