Navigation Panel

This panel allows the user to view different schemes, options and adjust the level of building shown in the plan view.

Nav Panel-1


  • Elevator - change the floor level in the plan view
  • Schemes - click through different user defined schemes available
  • Options - If different automatically generated test fits are available, this will allow users to cycle through them
  • Solve - Generate a site plan if TestFit hasn't already created one. 

How to change what level is showing in plan view:

Scroll up and down with the mouse wheel while hovering over the elevator panel.

OR click the up / down icons to move between floors.

Adust Elevator


How to switch between different schemes:

Click the left / right arrow icon.

nav scheme


How to switch between different options?

Use the arrow buttons to review options. 

nav option


What does the solve button do?

The solve button allows users to solve a site if TestFit didn't automatically solve it.

Solve 2

    •  If a test fit successfully is generated, this will turn green and display available options.
    •  If an unsolved site plan is loaded with enough information to solve, the solve button will become available.
    • Most of the time a test fit will solve on its own, if it cannot solve, then the solve button can be pressed to re-solve the test fit.
    • If it fails to solve, then there was an error in the solver and no solutions can be shown. Adjust any parameter and try again.
    • If no site information is present, clicking the solve button will generate random geometry.