Property Lines in TestFit and Revit

Push and pull property lines back and forth between both softwares

Setup: Make sure you have gone through the steps to setup Dynamo Player and the correct Dynamo Packages.


If you'd like to download the scripts, you can do so here. Watch the video of this script, here.

Note: These two processes will overwrite any data you already have in an RSD file.

TestFit Property Line To Revit Model Lines

  1. Save the .RSD file in TestFit with the property line you would like to transfer to Revit
  2. Run the script (TestFit Property Line to Revit Model Lines)
  3. Select the .RSD file and your property line will be brought into Revit

Revit Model Lines to TestFit Property Line

  1. Run the script (Revit Model Lines to TestFit Property Lines)
  2. Select the model lines that represent the property line. Create a new RSD file and select it.
  3. The property line will be created in the RSD file and can then be opened in TestFit