This is the starting point to define and manipulate sites.

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  • All - Tabulation will show the total values for all sites in the plan and lock out the editing of other sites
  • “A”- will transition to site specific editing
  • “+”- will create a new site
  • Draw - draw the property lines (once the nodes are connected TestFit will work to solve)
  • Define - launches metes & bounds panel
  • Global setback - Sets the global setback distance from the defined site line
  • Balcony depth into setback - Allow balconies to protrude into the setback
  • Tolerance - Sets an invisible setback an additional amount of defined distance

How to draw a site:

Click draw and define the site by left clicking on the site boundaries.

site draw

How to draw a site with specific dimensions:

Click draw and define the site by left clicking on the site boundaries. Click once to start the draw tool then enter the specific length of the segment. Click to finalize the direction of the line then continue to enter the other segments of the site.

How to draw a site with metes and bounds:

Select Metes & Bounds under the site tab. Input your metes and bounds except for the last segment. As you input your metes and bounds a preview will show on the right-side of the dialog. The dashed line shows how TestFit will close the site when you are done. Don't place your last segment and click apply. TestFit will close your site and as long as the site is not self-intersecting, the segments aren't too small or have minuscule angles the site will be placed. You can always go back into that dialog to edit your site.

How to add a site:

Click the + button and define the site.

site add site


How to click into a site:

Use the mouse and click into the site. 

site click between


How to adjust the global setback:

Use the plus and minus button to adjust the global setback.

site global set back