Learn about using the spaces feature to set aside area for retail & amenity.



  • Name - sets the name of the space
  • Level - sets the level of the space 
  • Levels tall - sets how many levels the space is 
  • Area - sets the target area of the space
  • Single loaded - restricts the space to one side of the corridor
  • Merge levels - merge all the levels of the space
  • Type - there are 4 options
    1. Conditioned  - air conditioned inside the multifamily phase
    2. Unconditioned - not air conditioned
    3. Retail - retail space
    4. Void - removes the space entirely 
  • Location anchor - resets the space when the location is manually moved
  • Inside garage - enable/disable
  • Color - color the space
  • Remove - removes space
  • Add - adds an additional space
  • Spaces Grip - left Click Drag within a “Space” to move the entire space in plan

How to add a space:

Navigate to the Building Input and left click add.

space add remove

How to use the amenity right click:

Right click on the amenity space.

amenity right click

How to name a space:

Left click into the name bar and type in the name of the space.

spaces name

How to add a space to a garage:

Enable the feature or drag the space from the building to the garage.

spaces 1

spaces 2

How to change the color of a space:

Left click the color gradient box and choose the color.

spaces color 


How to change the space type:

Use the drop down to choose the space type for the building. 

space type

How to enable or disable single loaded corridors:

Left click the enable or disable toggle.

spaces single loaded


How to merge levels:

Select the number of levels tall and enable the merge level button.

spaces merge


How to move a space:

Left click drag within a “Space” to move the entire space in plan.

move space


How to change the depth of a space added:

Building spaces inherit the depth of the deepest unit of the currently selected unit database. Bays added to units do not change the depth of a building space.