Export TestFit to Revit

How to export your TestFit Building into Revit as distinct families

Setup: Make sure you have gone through the steps to setup Dynamo Player and the correct Dynamo Packages.


If you'd like to download the scripts, you can do so here. If you'd like to watch the video, you can do so here.

  1. Press the play button in Dynamo to run the player
  2. Select the saved .RSD file 
  3. Select the Scheme and Site that you would like to Import. Note that more Schemes and Sites are given to the user to select than are in the RSD file, although not ideal this simplifies the overall user experience.
  4. Select the families you would like to associate with the TestFit building geometry. This dialog will show all the families of the specific category (roof, floor, wall) that you have in a model. 
  5. Hit the Import TestFit to Revit button and the process will start

    Revit Speed and Geometry: Revit takes time (usually a few minutes) to create the necessary geometry for the building. Often there are geometries that Revit can't handle and will therefore ask to unjoin or delete, it's fine to press ok for any of these popups.

    Updating: If you try to update something in TestFit and rerun the script in Dynamo it will create another building on top of the first building. Revit or Dynamo don't know that the second building is just an update to the first, it just knows that it needs to place the second building where the first building is. The best workflow is to delete the first building and rerun the script for the second.

    Metric: If using metric in TestFit, make sure that Revit is also set to metric.