User Interface and Navigation

How the TestFit GUI is organized

Application Bar

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TestFit Tab

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About TestFit | lists the current version and links users to documentation, release logs, EULA agreement, open source licenses, & contact us.

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Preferences | launches a window with the following enable/disable toggle 

  • Trackpad Mode - when enabled the right mouse click + drag will pan the model
  • UI Scale - adjust the scale of the user interface
  • Show default presets - populates TestFit building presets in the input panel options 
  • Refresh Interval (ms) : zero enables vsync. Nonzero sets the target frame time.
  • Use light theme - TestFit background color will be white
  • Debug Logging - enables TestFit to create log files
  • Show default unit databases - populates TestFit kit of parts in the unit editor
  • Show default zoning profile - shows some example databases from Austin Texas
  • Show default deal models - populates TestFit deal models
  • Cast Shadows - utilize TestFit shadow studies
  • Low detail model - shows a basic massing model instead of a "detailed" massing model
  • Colors in scene - model components will be shaded the same as in 2D
  • Measurement -  Imperial or Metric
  • Balcony counts as nrsf - includes the balcony in the nrsf tabulation
  • Large sites - allows users to solve larger sites
  • Embed Images - embed images into the TestFit file. (Will increase file size)
  • Sound Effects - enables sound effects for TestFit. 


File tab | Open, Open Recent, Save, Save As, & Reset

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  • Open - opens a TestFit .rsd file
  • Open Recent - opens a recent .rsd file
  • Save file - saves the current file 
  • Save As - Launches box to save the following file types
  • Reset -  resets the workspace to default values. This will clear all sites plans & schemes.


Edit | undo & redo

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Undo - undo action (ctrl+z)

Redo- redo action (ctrl+y)



Submit Feedback - launches a window that will allow users to send our team a message with attached testfit .rsd file.

Knowledge Base - Takes you to the TestFit knowledge base website.