Creating a Preset

Define parameters for a building to apply to future sites.

Building a Custom Preset allows you to apply the parameters you've defined to future sites. Elements included in your Preset include:
  • Garage & Stall conditions
  • Building parameters
  • Unit mix
  • Unit databases
  • Modifications to Verticals
  • Added Spaces
  • Dock parameters
  • Parking requirements
  • Drive aisle parameters
  • Block length

Creating a Preset:

  1. Apply a provided default preset to a site.
  2. Adjust the parameters (stalls/units/verticals/etc.) to meet the site requirements.
  3. Select the region layer  in the Navigation Tree, give the preset a name at the bottom of Properties Panel, and click save locally (or save to cloud)

    save a preset

Once your preset is created, you'll see it listed in the preset menu. You can now apply it to any of your sites.

 local presets


Presets are saved locally on your machine in this folder location:


A preset can be shared with anyone who needs to apply the same conditions to projects/sites in their TestFit environment. 

NOTE: Manual mode edits and setbacks are not saved within a custom preset.