Creating a self-storage facility with parking spaces

Outdoor, drive-up type facilities like the one below can be created using a surface parked Gurban site with no building and custom parking stalls to represent the storage units.


To create this type of facility, you'll use our Gurban preset and represent storage units as parking spaces.

Here are the steps:

  1. Define your site
  2. Select the Gurban preset under High Density
  3. Go to building and set the number of wrap levels to 0
    1. This should leave you with a site filled with surface parking
  4. Now you'll need to define the dimensions of your storage units
  5. Go to parking in the navigation tree, and then down to stalls, and click open stalls panel
  6. Delete ADA Car, ADA Van, and Compact by hitting the red trash can
  7. Modify the dimensions of the standard  stall type to match the most commonly used storage unit you have
  8. Create new unit types by hitting the blue + next to compact

NOTE: You probably need to set the turn radius to 0

Video of the process:

However, multi-level buildings with interior storage like the one below, are not supported.