Exporting Data

TestFit allows for several methods of exporting data

  • .rsd - TestFit Save Filetype
  • .pdf - existing model is out to floor plans in a pdf. This option launches a dialogue box for preferred PDF settings (like paper size and scale).
  • .dxf - the currently selected site with currently selected floor plan will be saved out to a layered DXF. The DXF file format (similar to .dwg) is most commonly used in CAD software like Autocad.
  • .skp - existing massing model from 3d view will be saved to a sketchup file. Each stacked building element exports as a component. Individual buildings export as model groups. 
  • .csv - tabular data is saved to a .csv format (for import to excel)
  • .glTF - saves the 3d modelview

Dynamo Scripts for working with Revit

To create a .rvt file, use our Dynamo scripts. For documentation, look at our blog post, knowledge base articles, and webinar. To customize them even more download our Dynamo package from the Package Manager. Just search "TestFit".