Garden Manual Mode

Customize your garden deal by manually editing roads and buildings in 3D and 2D


Moving and Rotating Buildings

To move buildings in 2D, you can either double click twice on the building, or click the building layer, then click the building you want to move. Once the building is selected you'll see a grey grip show up on the corner.

Once the grip shows up, you can left + click on it to move the building, or right + click on it to rotate the building.

You can also left + click on the building and move it (once it's selected).

Adding and removing buildings

To add a new building:

  1. Click the building layer
  2. Then the button that looks like a house in the toolbar
  3. Then select the building you want to place

add a building

To remove a building:

  1. Select the building
  2. Right + Click, select remove



To adjust the roads or drive network on Garden sites, you'll need to select the drive network, by either selecting it in the Navigation Tree, or by double clicking on any drive network segment.

Navigation Tree 

preset layer

Double Click

click twice

Once the drive network is selected, you can:

  1. Left click and drag to move nodes
  2. Right + click remove to delete nodes (deleting a node will delete all attached segments)
  3. Right + click remove to remove drive network segments
  4. Left + click add new nodes and segments


Moving buildings

To move buildings in 3D hover over the building and you'll see the roof highlight. You can then click and drag the building.

Aligned moving

To move a building parallel to a face, hover over that face then click and drag along that axis.

Rotating buildings

To rotate a building in 3D, hover over a corner of the building's bounding box. You'll see the cursor change, then click and drag the corner to rotate the building.

Duplicating buildings

To duplicate a building in 3D, hover over the building, then right + click and select duplicate. You can then move the new building.