Garden Unit Editor

You can use the unit editor to create your own units and buildings in the Garden configurator.

  1. To Start go to Housing > Edit Units to bring up building database. 
    Here you'll see the buildings that are available for your project.
  2. Left click a building
    Here you will see the units that make up that building. (You can add or remove units by hitting the + or - symbols between the units.)
  3. To modify units to match existing floor plans, Select a database from the list of default databases listed in the upper right.
  4. Select a unit database > Edit Database
  5. Click in a unit to edit that unit
  6. Once you’re done editing, hit back to database in the upper right and give your new database a name, and save it locally.
  7. Now you can go back to the building editor to start designing your buildings with the units you’ve just created.
  8. Click on a building, or click add building, select your new database from the list in the upper left, and start adding your units.

NOTE: When using an underlay, place the unit border halfway into the wall of the underlay image, not the interior face as shown in the video