Getting started with Garden apartments

Garden apartments usually have large sites and prototypical buildings that are placed across the site with surface parking.

 Follow the process below to get your development metrics of a garden site in 5 minutes.

Alternatively, please check out our introductory webinar here.

Garden - 3d

Select Garden apartments in the Configurator panel

Go to the Configurator tab and select Garden Buildings from the Site Type dropdown.

Garden preset

Building Inputs

Play around with the inputs. See how it changes your building. Customize it to your liking and save it as a new preset.

Unit Picker

Select the unit you would like to place from the unit picker and click the unit you want to replace it with. Right click on a unit to mirror it in the building viewer. If the unit has a blue outline its an outside corner unit and can only be placed as such. Select Edit Unit or Edit Database to edit the geometry of the units, the data within it, and what units are in the database.


Adjust by Building Mix or Unit Mix

Garden buildings can be solved based on Building Mix or Unit Mix. Flip the Target switch to Buildings or Units depending on your desired solution.

unit and building mix


You can define the amount of required parking per unit type.

parking requirements

Site Inputs

Change building, parking, site exit, and space parameters here. The site exit is indicated by the circle in the middle of the drive aisle, click and drag to move it to your desired location. You can add up to four to a site. Spaces act similarly in that you can click and drag to move their location. A maximum of 32 spaces can be added to a site.