Site Creation

A guide on creating a site

When starting a project, you'll want to go through the following steps.

  1. Input the address of your site
  2. Define your site
  3. Select your Configurator
  4. Create the site

Site Address

To select the site address, click into the address field in the Navigation Tree, and enter the address. TestFit will then zoom in to that address.

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Define Your Site

To define your site, click the Add button, and select Site.

There are thee ways of defining your site:

  • Draw the boundary of the site     draw boundary button
  • Meets and Bounds     Meets and Bounds button
  • Define from Parcels     select parcels button

To draw the boundary, hit the draw boundary button, and left click to select the bounds of your site.

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For Meets and Bounds, you enter your Eastings and Northings

06 Eastings and Northings

NOTE: When entering Eastings and Northings, don't enter the last point as TestFit will auto-close the shape.

To select your parcels, hit the define from parcels button, then click and drag over the parcels you want. Releasing the left click will add all the parcels to your site, and you'll be prompted to select your configurator and building type.

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Once you're finished hit Escape.