TestFit User Interface

An overview of the TestFit user interface.

01 User INterface

Navigation Tree

navigation tree
The main organizing framework of each site and building. Each element has a corresponding set of inputs that will appear in the Input Panel. Physical elements will highlight accordingly in the Viewer Window.

NOTE: Elements are displayed in the order they are shown in the Navigation Tree. (e.g building is displayed on top the garage)

Input Panel

Corresponding data inputs for each element of the Navigation Tree.

02 inout panel

Drawing Toolbar

A visual list of tools specifically for drawing in the Viewer Window.

drawing toolbar

3d view -Toggle between 2D and 3D views

manual mode - Enter Manual Mode

site creation - Site creation options

toggle aligned drawing - Toggle aligned drawing

measure line - Measure line

slice site - Slice site

level navigator - Level navigator

toggle parcels - Toggle parcels on/off

toggle map layer - Toggle Map Layer on/off

toggle elevation - Toggle elevation on/off

The last 3 (toggle parcels, maps, and elevation) are also on the "Underlay Panel".

Viewer Window

This is where you can directly interact with your project.

03 viewer window

Data Output Panel

This is where you can see TestFit's tabulation of your building and financial data.

04 tabulation panel