TestFit User Interface

An overview of the TestFit user interface.

new user interface

User interface

The TestFit user interface is broken up into 4 sections.

  • Navigation Tree
  • Properties panel
  • Canvas
  • Data Output Panel

New UI2

Navigation Tree

The navigation tree has two tabs, Layers and Schemes.


Navigation Tree
Layers are the main organizing framework of each site and building. Each element has a corresponding set of inputs that will appear in the Properties Panel. Physical elements will highlight accordingly in the Canvas.

NOTE: Elements are displayed in the order they are shown in the Navigation Tree. (e.g building is displayed on top the garage)

Next to the layers you'll see three dots. These will let you modify that layer. 

duplicate layer

Next to some of the layers, you'll see a button that looks like a house that will allow you to change the preset for that layer. In the case of spaces, like "amenity" in the screenshot below, you can change the space type.

select new preset


Schemes let you create design options for your site to test various configurations to make sure your maximizing your solution. You can view  and quickly compare any schemes that you've created, as well as create new schemes for your site.


Properties Panel

The Properties Panel is a contextual panel that shows the inputs and properties for each element of the Navigation Tree. It will update to show the available inputs for the selected layer.

Input Panel


The canvas is where you can directly interact with your project. On the Canvas, there are three toolbars on top, the left, and right sides, as well as the compass.


Top toolbar

Top toolbar

The top toolbar displays the file name, has the Home, and Save View to Clipboard buttons.

Drawing Ribbon
Left Toolbar

The left toolbar has your main drawing tools:

  • Select
  • Site Tools
    • Define site from parcels
    • Draw Site
    • Define by Metes and Bounds
  • Draw Roads
  • Draw Easements
  • Measure Tools
    • Measure Line
    • Measure Circle
    • Measure Shape

Map Controls Ribbon

Right Toolbar

The right toolbar contains your view tools:

  • 3D view
  • Map layer toggle and opacity
    • Map
    • Satellite
  • Map Data Layers
    • US Parcels
    • Elevation (Topo)
    • US FEMA Flood Zones
    • USA Wetlands
    • Zoning
  • Zoom to Fit
  • Project North
  • Add Background Image
  • Toggle Aligned Drawing
  • Place Trees
  • Layer Navigator



The compass displays True and Project North, define and reset Project North, and rotate the canvas.

Data Output Panel

This is where you can see TestFit's tabulation of your building and financial data. You'll see tabs for:

  • Tabulations
  • Development
  • Schemes
  • Errors
  • Rendering (Windows only)


Here you'll see a quick overview of your site(s). You can click the expanded tabulation button to get a more detailed breakdown.



This tab shows the top level financial metrics. To see detailed deal information, select your site in the Navigation Tree > Deal Database in the Properties Panel > edit Deal.



The Schemes tab shows you the schemes in the project and how they compare against each other. You can also create and delete schemes here.

Schemes Tab


Any errors in the project will show here.


You can launch Enscape for a better render of your project. 


NOTE: Enscape is not support on MacOS or virtualized Windows environments.