Zoning Profile

TestFit gives a pass/fail rating based on user input metrics.

zoning profile


  • Max - sets the maximum amount for the selected metric (unit drop down)
  • Min - click "max" to change the metric to min. This sets a minimum metric.
  • Units - total number of units permitted
  • AVG - average unit nrsf (net rentable square feet)
  • Ratio - parking ratio (#units / #parking stalls)
  • NRSF - Net Rentable Square Feet
  • EFF% - conditioned efficiency (area with air conditioning that is rented out)
  • Height - height of the building above ground
  • FAR - Floor Area Ratio (gross conditioned area / site area)
  • DU/AC or DU/HA - dwelling units per acre or dwelling units per hectare (#units / site area)
  • CVG% - lot coverage (building footprint / site area)
  • Yield - yield on cost (net operating income /total cost)

Zoning profile metrics

Creating and naming a zoning profile

By default TestFit comes with a few zoning profiles from the Austin metro area (these can be turned off in TestFit > Preferences > show default learning profile).

You can create new profiles, by selecting the metrics that apply to the site by choosing from the drop down and define the metric numerically. Then name the profile and save it.

Reading the zoning report

zoning report

Once the user inputs the metrics, TestFit will advise the user if the site passes or fails the calculated metric with green and red colors inside the zoning report.

NOTE: Zoning input does not adjust the building when solving the site, this is solely a pass/fail rating.