Amenity Spaces

Define space types and location in the Amenity panel.


Amenity spaces are enabled by default and only available in all High Density Configurators.

amenity space


  • Level - sets the level of the space 
  • Levels tall - sets how many levels the space is 
  • Base Level Area - sets the target area of the space
  • Single loaded - restricts the space to one side of the corridor
  • Merge levels - merge all the levels of the space
  • Type - there are 12 options
    1. Conditioned  - air conditioned inside the multifamily phase
    2. Unconditioned - not air conditioned
    3. Retail - retail space
    4. Void - removes the space entirely
    5. Multifamily
    6. Hotel
    7. Modular
    8. Housing
    9. Parking
    10. Office
    11. Park
    12. Civic
  • Location anchor - resets the space when the location is manually moved
  • Inside garage - enable/disable
  • Color - color the space
  • Remove - removes space
  • Add - adds an additional space

NOTE: The max number of amenity spaces supported is 8.

How to add a space:

An amenity space is added automatically when using a High Density configurator. To add another space, right click the existing space, and select duplicate.

duplicate space

How to name a space:

Left click into the name bar and type in the name of the space.

You can use the Amenity panel to change the parameters, and the Building Input panel to change the name and color.