Lined Garage and Structured Liners

How to add structured liners around a parking garage

A structured liner is when apartment units are wrapped around the exterior of the garage with units placed directly above them, which can increase the unit counts for your deal. This allows similar units to be in the same stack and for the corridors to be aligned. TestFit enables you to do this in the Building Input > Building panel > Line Garage.

Unlined building

Notice there are no units around the exterior of the garage, everything is placed on top of it.

unlined building

Lined Garage

Units are placed around the garage in a single loaded corridor. Levels above are offset above the garage. Note the corridors are not aligned vertically in this arrangement. Notice there are actually fewer units in this configuration.

Lined Garage

Structured Liners

Units are placed around the garage and the units above are placed directly over them. This allows the corridors to be aligned and similar units to be placed in the same stack. 

Structured liner