How can I create Low Density solves with varying drive aisle widths?

Use Fill-Regions to create solves with varying drive aisle widths.

If you require a solve with varying drive aisles (or alleyways between buildings) follow the steps below.

Create a new Preset

Begin by defining a new preset that has the required drive aisle width, turn aisle radius, row min/max, etc.

  1. On a temporary site (Site A) apply the default townhome preset.
  2. Remove the Access & Retention layers.
  3. Adjust the drive aisle width/turn radius.
  4. Define the row min/max values (and any other desired modifications).
  5. Create a preset. This preset will be applied to your working site.


Modifying your Working Site

With your preset created, move to your working site (Site B) and follow these steps: 

  1. Select the layer/region that you need to have varying road widths on.
  2. Right click and click the Add Fill Region command.
  3. The individual areas will highlight as you mouse over them. Select the desired area.
  4. Select the previously created preset and click confirm
  5. Duplicate the newly added free region by right clicking on it in Canvas or in the Nav-Tree.
  6. The duplicated region will be on-top of the fill region that was created first so click and drag it to the correct location.
  7. Repeat this process as necessary.
  8. Make modifications to each fill region on an individual basis as needed.


Take a look at the dedicated Fill-Region Knowledge Base Article for more information