How to deploy TestFit

This document covers installation and administration of TestFit for Windows.

The installer is available as an MSI from the TestFit License Portal. Once installed, users will be prompted at application launch whenever a new version is available.

The initial install and any updates require administrator privileges.

Managing TestFit Installations

If normal users in your environment do not have administrator privileges on their machines, you can take advantage of some standard properties supported by TestFit’s installer to manage deployments and updates.

Silent Install

To perform a silent install of TestFit and log to C:\log.txt, use the following command line with administrator privileges:

msiexec /i testfit.msi /qn /log C:\log.txt

For a similar silent uninstall:

msiexec /x testfit.msi /qn /log C:\log.txt

To see all supported options by running:

testfit.msi /?


  • TestFit is always installed for all users on the machine.
  • TestFit is always installed to the same location.
  • TestFit does not require a reboot after installation or uninstallation.
  • When new versions of TestFit are available from the TestFit License Portal, users will always be prompted about new versions, but won’t be able to install the updates unless they have administrator privileges.
  • Updates can be installed using the same silent install procedure, and there is no need to uninstall previous versions before installing updates.
  • For information on installing TestFit for Mac, see Common IT Questions.