Placing interior fitouts in Revit

How to place interior fitouts using the TestFit Add-in for Revit



When using the Interior Fitout tool in the TestFit addin for Revit, there a few things that you'll need to do to make sure the tool works as expected.

  1. The units in TestFit need to have an underlay image.
    unit plan in testfit
  2. The model group does not include the exterior walls of the unit.
    interior walls
  3. In Revit, the name of the model group needs to match the name of the unit in TestFit.
    group name
  4. The anchor point of the model group is at the intersection of the walls in the bottom left corner of the unit.
    model group anchor


In TestFit, you'll need to insert an image as an underlay.

unlderlay image


  1. Model the interior fitout of your unit(s).
  2. Open Revit. Click on the TestFit tab, then click on Interior Fitouts.

  3. Browse for your TestFit .rsd File. Select the Scheme and Site you want to work on.

  4. Click Select Model Groups, Select the model groups within Revit you'd like, then click Finish on the left above the properties tab.
  5. Click Execute.