Industrial Manual Mode

Easily customize your industrial site by manipulating and adding buildings to your site

Manual mode allows you to take control and customize the default layouts that TestFit places.

industrial manual mode

Like Manual mode for the other configurators, you can control the surface parking layout, as well as the building size and orientation.

edit building and parking

Editing the building

When you edit a building in manual mode, you'll see a grey box with a darker section in the middle as well as some orange grips.

The lighter parts of the box denote the speed or truck bays of the building.

The grips show the editable parts of the building.

  1. The grip on the corner allows you to rotate the building
  2. These allow you to expand the building along the edge of the speed/truck bay
  3. These allow you expand the building "width"
  4. The center grip allows you to move the building foot print


Adding another building

You can also add buildings within manual mode.

add building

Resetting changes

You can always discard or rest changes made in manual mode by hitting the trash can next to the manual mode button.

discard changes