Issue: Unit count is not correct

When calculating units, you see a discrepancy in what TestFit is reporting.




For multifamily space types TestFit uses the unit average to calculate the number of units per floor, but does not then sum the number of units.

In this case, 2359/725 = 3.24 which is rounded down to 3 per floor.

When calculating the total number of units for that space TestFit divides the gross area of all the levels for that space by the unit average, instead of summing the number of units for all of the floors. Se we get 11794/725 = 16.27.

total units


There are a couple of workarounds.

  1. Split the space up per level, so each level has it's own space instead of a 5 level tall space as in the example above.
  2. Adjust the unit average slightly so that the total number of units matches the units per floor.