Common IT Questions

What is required to install TestFit?

TestFit is installed by downloading a Windows Installer Package (.msi) or MacOS Installer (.pkg) from our website.  Once downloaded, the installation will require administrator privileges to complete.

Software Requirements

AMD A10-7400P Radeon R6, 10 Compute Cores (4 CPU, 6 GPU) 2.5 GHz
650 GB hard drive
8 GB ram

*We like to joke that TestFit will run on a potato.

Does TestFit require an internet connection?

Yes.  Each time the application launches, it will send a request to our server to ensure your license is valid.

Once TestFit has launched, using the map, requesting 3D context buildings, and submitting feedback all require an internet connection.

What kind of data does TestFit collect?

When a user launches the application, we record the user ID and the current time.  This is the only data we collect automatically.

We also store the plans our users provide when they submit feedback through the 'Help' menu inside TestFit.  This is the only time we store data pertaining to a design, and it is completely voluntary.

Where is my data stored?

TestFit uses several types of files to store plans, unit databases, zoning profiles, etc.  All files created within TestFit are stored offline on your own hard drive.  You keep complete control over your data.