Multi-Select & Layer Grouping

Group layers to facilitate an array of simultaneous modifications

By grouping layers together in the Nav-Tree, modifications can be made to the group such as:

  • Moving
  • Rotating
  • Duplicating
  • Pinning

Creating a Group

Follow these steps to create a group in the Nav-Tree:

  1. In the Nav-Tree, hold the Ctrl button (a small blue plus sign will appear at the end of your cursor, select the desired layers.
  2. Release the Ctrl button 
  3. Right click on a highlighted layer and click Group.

Multi-Select & Grouping in 2D Canvas

By holding the Ctrl key and selecting layers/regions in Canvas (2D or 3D), they can then be grouped by right clicking and selecting Group
Creating Groups in 2D Canvas

Notice the layers being highlighted in the Nav-Tree as they are selected in Canvas.

Multi-Select in 3D Canvas

Layers/Region can be selected the same way as in 2D but need to be grouped in the Nav-Tree by right clicking and selecting Group.

Duplicating a Group

To duplicate a group, right click the group in the Nav-Tree and select Duplicate. By selecting the group in Canvas and then right clicking it you can duplicate it as well.

Duplicating a Group in Canvas

Either way a group is duplicated it is placed on top of the original group and can then be moved by clicking and dragging the handle.


By using the Shift key instead of Ctrl, you can select everything with a range instead of selecting each layer one by one. 


Ungrouping a Group

Right click a group in the Nav-Tree and click Ungroup or select the group in Canvas, right click, and select Ungroup.