Lower Density Housing Configurator

The configurator panel lets users select building presets, select unit databases, adjust the mix, and custom define units with the editor.

Screenshot 2020-10-26 145026

  • Presets - intended for users to save sets of parameters from the building input panel, rather than needing to manually adjust building options individually every time a new site is test-fitted
    • Duplex
    • Row House
    • Single Family
    • Townhomes
  • Database - includes the different units/ kit of parts that ships with TestFit
    • Brownstone TH
    • Large TH
    • Medium TH
    • Single Family
    • Small TH
  • Editor - customize the database

How to adjust house front setback:House Front Setback

How to control the distance between clumps of buildings on the same road:Building Row Gap Sizing

How to control the distance between individual buildings on the same road:Row gap sizing

How to control the distance between buildings on adjacent roads:back to back buffer

How to get to the higher density configurator:

high to low density


How to expand the dynamic unit bar:

Left click the + icon to expand menu.


How to enable garages:

How to enable endcap units: