Flexible open spaces in Low Density

Define a flexible space in your subdivision

spaces in subdivisions

Depending on your preset, you'll get one or more of the following open spaces at the site level.

  • Space (can be further defined later)
  • Pond
  • Parking

Space hierarchy

Spaces and sites will be have slightly differently depending on the layer where the space is added.

spaces in the layers

Here we see an office space at the site level, and a clubhouse space at the drive network level.

Where these spaces exist in the layer hierarchy will determine how those spaces interact with the site.

The office space in the upper right is impacting the drive network, because the space is above it in the navigation tree, whereas the Clubhouse space does not.

LD spaces

Adding a space to your site

To add a space, right + click on the layer you want to add a space to, then select Add space.

right click add space

In addition to the default spaces, you can choose to place any of the types below:

  • conditioned
  • unconditioned
  • retail
  • void
  • multifamily
  • hotel
  • modular
  • housing
  • office
  • civic
  • park

Renaming the space

Click the name in the Navigation Tree, and enter the new name.

Moving a space

Left click and drag.