Low Density Subdivisions

An overview of the Lower Density Subdivisions Configurator.

parcels presets

Footprint Types

footprint types-1

  • None - No building footprint is placed within the parcel.
no footprints

  • Max Area - Largest building footprint within the setbacks.
max area

  • Target Area - Setting a target building footprint with some depth flex. If the footprint doesn't fit, the outline will turn red.
target area
  • Static - Creates a static building footprint.


Row Grouping

Similar parcel types are grouped in a row. Generally, you can fit more parcels on a site if they are not grouped.

row grouping-1




not grouped

Global Parcel Settings

Global settings will apply to all parcels within the plan. Selecting the Individual setting will change the parameter per parcel under the open individual parcel settings panel button.

global parcel settings

Individual Parcel Settings

parcel editorWithin the parcel settings you can adjust the mix, width, depth, and minimum area of parcels. As well as the amount of flex.

parcel sizes

You can also control the size and NRSF of the footprints within the parcels.

footprint size
Setbacks within each parcel type can also be defined.

Adjusting Parcel setback-gif
You can also add and define more parcel types through the Individual Parcel Settings.