Getting Started with Low Density

The Low Density configurator allows you to lay out projects on your site


The Lower Density configurator is broken up into the following Presets

Lower Density

lower density presets

  • Duplex - Two units per building
  • Single Family - One unit per building
  • Townhomes  - Three units, four story buildings
    • Brownstone TH
    • Large TH
    • Medium TH
    • Single Family
    • Small TH



parcels presets

  • Parcel with fixed building - The site is divided into parcels 
    • Parcel with Fixed Building - Parcels defined by the offset of the defined building footprint
    • Parcel with Max Area - Three parcel sizes defined by larger footprints
    • Parcels - Site divided into three parcel size, no units


The Lower Density Configurator also has a Unit Editor which allows you to customize the database.