Getting Started

The Low Density configurator allows you to lay out projects on your site.

Low Desnsity presets

The Lower Density configurator has the following presets

  • Duplex - Two units per building
  • Row House - Attached units, number defined in the Housing panel
  • Single Family - One unit per building
  • Subdivision - The site is divided into parcels 
    • Mixed Density - Variable parcel size, varying unit counts
    • No Footprint - Site divided into three parcel types, no units
    • Static Footprint - Varying parcel size, one unit type
    • Target FP - Three parcel sizes, units fill each parcel to target footprint
    • Target Footprint Grouped - Three parcel sizes grouped with target area units
  • Townhomes  - Three units, four story buildings
    • Brownstone TH
    • Large TH
    • Medium TH
    • Single Family
    • Small TH

The Lower Density Configurator also has a Unit Editor which allows you to customize the database.

Low Density Housing

Duplexes, Row Houses, Single Family, and Townhomes are all essentially the same with the building configuration defined by the Townhouses section of the housing panel. 

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Controlling the distance between buildings

Distance between buildings is controlled by the row gap and back-to-back buffers.

The row gap buffer is on the housing panel, while the back-to-back buffer is on the drive panel.

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Enabling Garages, Endcaps, and Balconies

Garages, Endcaps, and Balconies are all controlled in the Dynamic Units panel in housing.

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