Manual Mode

Manual Mode is TestFit's core co-creation tool.


Manual Mode - Converts generated TestFit geometry to an edit-able skeleton.


How to enter manual mode:

A building must have already been generated. Select the "M" button in the toolbar.

enter manual mode


How to remove generated building mass:

Once in manual mode, right click the mass and select "remove". 

remove building mass


How to make building mass single-loaded:

Once in manual mode, right click the side of the mass to remain, and select "single".

single load building mass


How to move building mass:

Once in manual mode, left click drag an orange node.

move building mass


How to remove a building node:

Right click the node, then select "remove". This will remove all attached building mass.

remove building node


How to attach building mass to a node:

Left click drag from within the white circle, and without the orange circle in the direction of desired building location.

attach mass to building node


How to change the size of a Structured Rectangle Garage in Manual Mode:

Enter manual mode, and select the car icon. Then left click drag the garage edge to be edited.

edit structured rect garage


How to remove all manual changes:

Enter manual mode, and then select the trash can icon. This will trash all manual changes.

trash manual changes


How to edit surface parking:

Enter manual mode, and then select the surface parking road icon. This will change the editing mode to roads. If the model does not have surface parking in it, it will not be select-able.

edit surface parking manual mode


How to create geometry without any context:

Left click drag on any open area, deselect to finish creating geometry.

draw with no context