Manual Mode

Manual Mode is TestFit's core co-creation tool.

manual mode3

Manual mode converts generated TestFit building and drive aisle geometry to an edit-able skeleton.

It is based on node and spines.

spines and nodes

Entering manual mode

To enter manual mode, select the layer you want to edit by either left+clicking on it in the navigation tree, or double+clicking util the element highlights.

Moving building elements

Once in manual mode, left click and drag an blue node.

NOTE: This works for all non-building elements as well.

Removing a generated building mass

Once in manual mode, right click the mass and select remove.

Making a spine single loaded and flipping the orientation

Once in manual mode, right click the side of the mass to remain, and select single.

To flip the orientation, right click, and select flip.

Drawing new building elements

Left click and drag from a node or spine.

Reverting Manual Mode edits

In the layer where manual mode edits have been made, there will be a red M. Left click the red M to delete those edits.

delete manual edits2