Manual Mode in High Density

Manual mode allows you to adjust the buildings TestFit places by using nodes and spines.


To manually adjust buildings that TestFit places, you can use Manual Mode.

Access Manual Mode

There are two ways to access Manual Mode.

  1. Click the building layer in the Navigation Tree
  2. Double click the building

Once active, you'll see blue and white nodes and blue spines appear in the canvas.

Modifying the building

To modify the building, you can:

  • Click and drag any node
  • Right + Click on any node or spine to remove it
  • Right + Click on any spine and set it to single loaded, or flip which side of the corridor the units appear on
  • Left Click on any spine to add a new spine
  • Left Click in open space to draw a new building

Deleting manual edits

To revert back to the default solve, you can click on the red "M".