Use this feature to enable and disable parking as well as define the parameters for site-specific parking features.


  • Type - adjust the type of parking used
  • Structured rect - rectangular parking garage defined by tray counts
  • Structured fill - parking garage fills whole site
  • Surface - surface parking
  • Define - manually change the parking location
  • Enable garage button - toggle to add or remove parking from site
  • Orientation - rotates garage 90 degrees
  • Tray count - adjust number of trays 
  • Minimum length - This parameter sets a minimum garage dimension to ensure ramping is possible. 
  • Padding - a buffer added around the perimeter of the garage
  • Levels above grade - number of levels of above grade garage
  • Levels below grade - number of levels of below grade garage 
  • Stall width - defines parking stall width
  • Stall depth - defines parking stall depth
  • Max run - maximum length of adjacent parking stalls before a planter/gap is placed
  • Drive aisle width - width of the driveway
  • Drive aisle turn radius - minimum inside turn radius for the driveway
  • Ramp - toggle to enable or disable ramping
  • Max ramp slope - sets a max slope for the ramp
  • Column Buffer - adds a column buffer into the parking garage
  • Stall Spacing - sets number of stalls between the column buffer
  • Buffer Width - sets width of column buffer
  • Dead End Turnaround - sets the depth of a dead end parking turnaround


How to enable parking:

Navigate to the building input and left click the enable/disable button.

parking enable disable


How to change the type of parking:

Left click the type and select one of 3 parking types available.

parkng type


How to rotate the garage's orientation:

Left click the rotate button to adjust the orientation.

parking orientation


How to increase the parking bays:

Use the plus or minus button to change the tray count. Users can also update the tray count by entering a number.

parking tray count


How to adjust the parking stall size:

Use the plus or minus button to change the stall width or depth. Users can also update the stall size by entering a number.

parking stall bigger


How to define my garage location:

Select define and click where you want the new location for the garage to be placed.

define parking location

 If a property line is defined a garage may be placed within its bounds given the following criteria.

  1. The current garage parameter set will allow for a garage smaller than the existing size.
  2. The cursor location places the garage in a valid location that will not violate a set back or property line.
  3. The garage will be placed in an area as defined by the arrows and guides. Growth direction will be shown during the placement process.