TestFit Release - 3.14 Parking and Industrial Configurator updates


  • The ability to manually place the entrances & exits for industrial sites
  • Change the width & turning radius of access points
  • Improved robustness of roads interacting with industrial sites
    • The ability to turn off ring roads
    • Move automatically generated roads
    • Add new roads manually
    • Manual road is new in industrial
  • Automatically generated labels and dimensions for industrial sites can be toggled on and off
  • Options for selecting which sides of an industrial building have parking
  • Single-loaded parking drive aisles for the Industrial configurator
  • Single-loaded parking drive aisle for subdivisions
  • Option to use the square footage of a warehouse to compute its number of trailer parking stalls instead of using its number of dock doors
  • Right + Click to change road type in-place


  • Support for specifying industrial parking limits in terms of parking rows
  • Added a "flip" button to the industrial building panel to flip warehouses
  • Connected industrial parking lots will now automatically merge
  • Improved efficiency of industrial sites with narrow (fewer bays wide) warehouses

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