Roads and Intersections

Use this feature to create custom roads, street sections, and to assist with urban planning.

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  • Name - what the street section is called
  • Sidewalk - paths that generate crosswalks in intersections
  • Buffer - zoned area that separates a sidewalk, drive, parking or bus lane. Typically used for medians or setting back buildings from the road
  • Drive - area that is driven on by a vehicle 
  • Parking - area reserved for street-side parking
  • Remove - removes a specific feature
  • White drag handles - drag up and down to adjust the sequence of features.


How to access the road editor:

Select "editor" in the roads panel.

Roads - Editor


How to draw a road:

Select the desired street section, then draw two points in the plan view.

To finish drawing roads, hit Escape or select the desired street again.

Roads - Draw Road


How to curve a road:

Left click drag the road to convert them to curves.

Roads - Curve Road


    How to straighten a road:

    Right click the road and select straighten.

    Roads - Straighten Road


    How to generate an intersection:

    Draw a second road across the first road.

    Roads - Generate an Intersection


    How to manipulate drawn roads:

    Hover over a road's endpoint then left click drag that same endpoint. 

    Roads - Manipulate placed roads