Roads and Intersections

Use this feature to create custom roads, street sections, and to assist with urban planning.

draw roads new ui


Road type dimensions and parameters can be customized as needed.

  • Name - what the street section is called
  • Sidewalk - paths that generate crosswalks in intersections
  • Buffer - zoned area that separates a sidewalk, drive, parking or bus lane. Typically used for medians or setting back buildings from the road
  • Drive - area that is driven on by a vehicle 
  • Parking - area reserved for street-side parking
  • Remove - removes a specific feature
  • White drag handles - drag up and down to adjust the sequence of features.


There are two databases of road types that are installed in TestFit.


defualt road database

new urbanist

new urbanist road database

Accessing the road editor

Select editor in the roads panel.

roads editor new ui

You'll be brought into the editor, where you can edit existing features or add new ones to create custom road types.

Road editor2

Creating a new road library

Once you have created a new group of road types, you should save it locally so that you can use those new types in other schemes and projects.

new name

Drawing a road

Select the desired street section, then draw two points in the plan view.

To finish drawing roads, hit Escape or select the desired street again.


NOTE: Enclosing an area with roads will let you apply a preset to that area without defining a site.

Adding a point

Right + click a road segment > add point

add point

Changing road type

Right click a road segment > select Change Type > select nee type.

change road type

Creating a curved road

Left click drag the road to convert them to curves.

curve road

Straightening a road

Right click the road and select straighten.

straighten road

Generating an intersection

Draw a second road across the first road.

create intersection

Manipulating drawn roads

Hover over a road's endpoint then left click drag that same endpoint. 

manipulating roads

NOTE: At this time, only 16 road segments are support in any single project