How to manipulate setbacks in TestFit

Setbacks allow architects and developers to easily incorporate zoning laws set by cities. Setbacks in TestFit are owned by the site definition lines and can be manipulated in 2D or 3D to adjust the envelope of the building.

In order to edit a setback, you must select the site line that would drive the setback. Then you can either edit it in 2D in the Site panel or in 3D in the view panel.

Setbacks in 2D

To adjust basic setbacks in plan view, drag the setback to the desired length. You can reset all setbacks or apply this setback to the rest of the edges.

Setbacks in 3D

You can also push and pull setbacks in 3D.

Custom Setbacks in 2D

In the site panel you can adjust whether the setback is clamp trailing or linear trailing.

You can also adjust how small or large the step of the setback is.

Setbacks at Height

Check out this short video to understand how to manipulate setbacks at height.

There are two ways to adjust setbacks at height.

First, you can use the setback table in the Zoning panel:



The other way is to do it in the model by shift+clicking on the setback at the height where you want to define the setback.