Slice and merge sites for mixed-use deals

Manipulate and apply different configurators to sliced sites

Dividing sites

To split a site into multiple sites, start by clicking the slice tool in the drawing toolbar (the scalpel icon  ). Next, click a point on the site boundary. Draw the division of the site and finish it by ending the line at the edge of the existing site boundary. You have now created multiple sites that can have different configurators on each. The site division line will be shown as a black line and the points along it can be moved in whatever way you deem necessary. These points can also be removed by right-clicking them and selecting remove.

Merging sites

If you have divided sites and wish to merge them back together, start by selecting the site that you want to merge and click the merge icon in the drawing toolbar (). Then select the site that you would like to merge with. All presets of the site you are merging with will be applied to your original site.