Admin Tools

If you're an administrator, you'll see the appropriate Admin Tools listed under the User Tools.

New Admin Tools

There are 5 admin tools. What you will see will depend on what admin permissions have been granted to you:

  1. Admin Permissions
  2. Default Deal Pipeline Permissions
  3. Groups
  4. Users
  5. Licenses

Admin Permissions

Admin Permissions allow you to add admins for your organization, resources, groups, users, and licenses

On this page, you can add more admins.

Organization Admins

Organization admins can manage their organization and can assign create other organization, resource, and group admins. 

Resource Admins

Resource Admins have “super admin” access to all Pipelines, Deals, Assets, and any other resources stored in the cloud file system, and can assign access to those resources to other users.

Group Admins

Group Admins can create groups and manage of users in those groups.

User Admins

Can add or remove users to the organization.

License Admins

Manages user licenses.

NOTE: License Admins also must be User Admins

Default Deal Pipeline Permissions

You can add or remove access by users or groups to the root folder here.

Default Deal Pipeline permissions


Groups provide a way for group admins to apply resource permissions to multiple users within their organization at once.

Each company has an “Everyone” group created by default that represents all members within their organization. This group can be used to quickly update permissions for specific directories, deals, or assets for all users company-wide.

By default, the “Everyone” group is given “Editor” access to the organization’s Deal Pipeline directory which allows all users to create folders in the Deal Pipeline directory as well as save deals and assets by default.

New Groups permissions


Here you'll see a list of the users within your organization.

User Admin


You'll see what products you have access to, as well as when you subscriptions expire.

available licenses