TestFit Release - 4.3 - 3d Regions and Dependent fill

Office on top of parking


  •  Regions can now be created in 3D. Users can specify a level range for each region and stack regions vertically.
  • Added "fill" regions that allow configurators to be placed within existing geometry, enhancing flexibility.
  • The regions in earlier versions have been renamed "free" regions to distinguish from "fill" regions.
  • Many improvements have been made to navigation and in-canvas interaction to reduce clicks and improve visibility.


  • Increased the zoom height threshold at which parcels are visible.
  • Improved the styling of the global setback control.
  • Improved multifamily solve robustness to generate solutions on more complex sites.
  • Changed the default global setbacks to 10 feet and 3 meters.
  • Simplified the Navigation Tree structure by flattening regions that hold only one direct child.
  • Layers defined from presets will now show the preset name as their layer name instead of as their type name.
  • Added a "Layer Configuration Invalid" error type for site layer arrangements that will not produce output.
  • Removed the "above grade" and "below grade" controls from garages. They now use the level range controls every other layer has.
  • Improved how child layers move with parent layers when changing their levels.

3D Regions

3d regions

3D Regions in TestFit provide users with the ability to create regions at specific heights within their designs, addressing the user's need to build more complex structures with multiple programs.

It's important to note that 3D Regions do not aim to solve vertical coordination between different regions at height, but rather provide users with enhanced creative freedom in their architectural planning.

Dependent Fill Regions

Dependent fill industrial

Dependent fill regions allow users to place configurators inside the geometry of existing configurators. For example, a surface parking lot can be placed inside the greenspace of an industrial configurator or a podium multifamily building can be placed inside the block of a townhome.

  • Dependent Fill Shapes are now draggable.

  • Highlights Fillable Regions and places Fills there if added via context.

  • Multifamily Dependent Fill no longer has duplicate geometry.

  • can't move fills in industrial spaces.

  • inline geometry no longer overlaps non-housing dependent fill geometry inside primary fill housing layouts.

Reported Issues ad Bug Fixes

  • Fixed being unable to place a space in a region when it's first created.

  • Fixed being unable to click the in-canvas preset selector when it's obscured by manual mode controls.

  • Fixed missing green areas in housing solves.

  • Fixed a case where changing a site to manual mode could drop its buildings.

  • Fixed a case where drives would disappear when creating manual buildings.

  • Updated the Garden preset to remove redundant layers.

  • Fixed sites becoming locked when adding unparked layers next to other free-shape regions.

  • Fixed highest region getting changed when changing another layer's preset.

  • Fixed a case where clicking outside of a site to clear the selection didn't work.

  • Fixed a crash when deleting a parking stall type when parking stalls are pinned.

  • Fixed rendering artifacts on thick lines.

  • Fixed case where files with multiple high-density regions could fail to load.

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when swapping presets.

  • Fixed the garage entrance context menu cutting off.

  • Removed a state where the interactive scope was disconnected from the selected layer.

  • Deleting a stall type no longer closes the stalls panel.

  • Fixed parameters in the dynamic units panel failing to update.

  • Fixed some instances of commands not undoing properly.

  • Fixed the map opacity slider appearing when it should not have.

  • Fixed inconsistent styling on the "Shadows" button.

  • Fixed incorrect roofs over large void spaces in high density buildings.

  • Fixed a crash when adding new unit types to garden databases.

  • Fixed not selecting a layer when dragging its side.

  • Fixed garage parking stalls being under-reported for unitless high density buildings.

  • Fixed the per-level gross garage area being over-reported.

  • Fixed not being able to drag large sites.

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when manipulating roads.

  • Fixed parcels sometimes conflicting with inline spaces.

  • Fixed "export DXF as WGS84" not staying toggled on between sessions.

  • Fixed the "delete preset" prompt appearing behind other open dialogs.

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when changing the number of townhome levels.

  • Improved high-density garage placement in sites with small edges.

  • Fixed missing high-density massing around garages.