Error: Small site not solving

When working on a small site, you get a "Failed to solve site" warning.


  1. Check the parking style
    Navigate to Garage tab, and change the type from "Structural rect" to "Structural fill". If the site now solves, then the site was too small for the default 2 tray parking garage.
  2. Check the balconies
    Balconies come in standard. Toggle them on or off in the Units input panel to decrease the overall depth of the building.
  3. Unit Depth
    Under dynamic units you are able to adjust your lease depth. 
    NOTE: this will not change your unit target SF, only the layout.
  4. Core Depth
    Cores (vertical circulation) have a defined depth that can be changed independently of your lease depth. you can adjust their depth in the Vertical Input Panel.
  5. Site size
    Generally, TestFit has issues solving sites smaller than half an acre.