Higher Density Building Configurator

The configurator panel lets users select building presets, select unit databases, adjust the mix, unit average and parking as well as custom define units with the editor.

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  • Presets - intended for users to save sets of parameters from the building input panel, rather than needing to manually adjust building options individually every time a new site is test-fitted
  • Database - includes the different units/ kit of parts that ships with TestFit
  • Weight - sets the target weight of this unit category
  • Unit average - sets the target unit average size for the unit category
  • Parking ratio - sets the target parking demand (in stalls) per unit in this category
  • S - Studio category consists of units with no bedrooms and one living space
  • A - One Bedroom Category – consists of units with one bedroom and one living space
  • B - Two Bedroom Category – Consists of units with two bedrooms and one living space
  • C - Three Bedroom Category – Consists of units with three bedrooms and one living space
  • % button - converts weight to percentages 
  • Prefer weight ... average - tell TestFit whether to prioritize hitting the unit mix or the unit average
    Screenshot 2020-03-26 16.39.40
  • Dynamic -  a global setting for generating units dynamically, rather than having TestFit solve with a static kit of parts or “database”, it will generate units around the right size as defined by the unit average
  • Dynamic Off - a global setting for not generating any units and solving the building without units. To enable this click “dynamic” twice
  • Define - quickly update unit names, bathrooms, bedrooms & unit color for dynamic units
    Screenshot 2020-03-26 16.39.50

    (User defined presets will have a tick mark in the corner)

How to select a building preset:

Left click one of the pre-loaded or user defined building presets.

configurator presets

How to get to the lower density configurator: high to low density

How to select a unit database:

Left click one of the pre-loaded or user defined unit databases

configurator database


How to swap between units, modules and hotel building types:

Use the drop down to change the type.

configurator units key modules

How to adjust the percentage of each unit being used:

Select the unit and enter in the new percentage for that unit. 

Adjust unit mix

(can also use + or - button for adjustments)

How to adjust the unit average:

Select the unit and enter in the new unit average. 

This can be updated to individual units or as a total for all units at the bottom.

Adjust unit average

How to adjust the parking ratio:

Select the unit and enter in the parking ratio

Adjust parking required

Where to  find the unit editor:

Select the editor button above the unit databases

Select unit editor

How to use the prefer weight / average bar:

Left click and drag the bar left/right.

Adjust weight and average slider

How to expand the dynamic unit bar:

Left click the + icon to expand menu.

Expand dynamic units

How to enable dynamic end caps:

You will get a small efficiency bonus dynamic end cap units