Exporting Kit of Parts units from Revit to Testfit

You can export unit footprints created in Revit by using the Kit of Parts tool in the TestFit addin for Revit.

To export unit footprints from Revit to TestFit, go through the steps below:

  1. Lay out your unit(s) in Revit
  2. Go to TestFit > Export > Kit of Parts
  3. Hit Add Unit
  4. Enter the unit name, category, number of beds and bathrooms
  5. Under Unit hit Select and then select the exterior walls of the unit, hit finish
    1. If there is a balcony or bay, do the same for those
  6. Once you've added all your walls, hit Execute
  7. Begin a new project in TestFit, and create a high density building
  8. Go to the unit layer > edit units > Convert to Kit of Parts
  9. Select the Revit database from the list of databases and you should see the footprint of your units