Low detail parking

Low detail parking allows a quick estimation of parking capacity on a site.

Low detail parking

Calculating stalls

The number of stalls will be calculated as the gross parking area divided by the stall average area.

low detail calcsIn this case, we divide 152,480/365 = ~417.75. Since we only count whole stalls, we round to 417.

Compared to surface parking which has drive aisles, parking islands, and buffers.

surface parked stalls

Key differences between low detail and surface parking

Low detail parking v. Surface parking display

Low detail v surface parking


low v surface properties2

Here you can see the drive aisle parameters that you can define in surface parking.

Stall sizes

With low detail parking, you can set the average stall area by selecting the Low Detail Parking layer in the Navigation Tree, and defining your area in the Properties Panel below.

Low detail parking stall average

With surface parking, you can customize the size of your standard stalls, as well as create new stalls to support accessible, EV, or any other stall types you need by using the stalls editor.

stalls panel