Mass-based buildings - step-by-step

Site-filled and custom-defined massing as well as void spaces

Mass-based buildings allow the user to create building volumes to get financial, architectural, and site metrics that you need to determine if a project is feasible.

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Select mass-based buildings in the Configurator panel

Go to the Configurator tab and select Mass-Based Buildings from the Site Type dropdown.


The default for mass-based buildings will populate a site with a building that has an offset and surface parking. You can either modify those or follow the steps below.

Draw a site

Under the Site tab, click the draw site button. Place your site boundary

Add surface parking

Go to parking in the building input tab, make sure it is enabled.

Adding a building/space

Go to the Building Input tab and click the add a space icon in the bottom left. Select the space in the spaces tab, click the shape dropdown, and select draw. Draw your building on the site, click and drag the building to move it around.


To add an offset to a space, click create offset with the space selected. This will place an offset in the layer manager. To edit the offset, you can either drag the dimension of it in the view or adjust the global setback in the space panel.


Presets & Databases

Presets and databases give users building blocks to start from. Presets place shapes within your site for you to easily maneuver.



21 - Entrance And Exits Of Facilities-10

Parking offsets

18 - Buffer Spaces For Surface Parking -7


The layer manager visualizes what objects will be prioritized when they come into contact with one another. For example, in the images below, whichever space is at the top of the layer manager is prioritized.

layer manager

Void spaces

Void spaces will remove the space it intersects with.

void space

3D Manipulation

Corners can be added to any space.

24 - Chamfered Radii For Buildings-13

Move buildings parallel to the face

23 - Axis Aligned Translation In 3D-12


Setbacks at height work within mass-based buildings.

14 - Setbacks At Height Can Carve Away At Custom Shapes-5

Exclusion zones

Just like our other building typologies, excursion zones work in mass-based.

6 - Users Can Carve Away At The Site-Filled Massings Via Exclusion Zones-19


Yes, we have gravity.

4 - Users Can Block And Stack Without Gravity-17

Manual Mode

This is pretty much manual mode.