Getting Started with mass-based buildings

A guide to help with using the mass-based configurator.

When starting a mass-based project, you'll want to go through the following steps.

  1. Define your site
  2. Add a building/space
  3. Add stories to your building

Adding a building/space

  • Click the plus (+) at the bottom of the Navigation Tree
  • Select space
    • fill
    • free shape
    • offset

If you select free shape, you'll then choose between draw outline or draw path offset.

Draw outline

Draw path offset

To use path offset:

  1. Draw your path
  2. At the end of your path, you'll see a circle
  3. Click between the end of your path and the circle
  4. Define your offset distance

Add stories to your building

There are two ways to add levels to your building:

  • Drag an edge in 3D
  • Use the levels tall parameter