Creating a custom Garden building

Steps showing how to use image underlays to create custom Garden buildings.

custom garden

The following steps will allow you to use image underlays to create custom garden buildings.

  1. Lay out a site using the garden configurator.
  2. Click the Garden Housing layer
  3. Click Edit Units in the Properties Panel below to go into the unit editor.

    custom garden 2
  4. Select the add building tile that is blank at the bottom of the list.

    Add custom building
  5. Select the image you want to use
  6. Scale the image.

  7. Once the image is placed, adjust the width and depth of the box to match the building.

    custom garden 3
  8. Define the Color, Floors, Stalls, Area (gross), NRSF, and number of units.
  9. Click Back to database in the upper right, then save the database.

    saving custom database
  10. Once the database is saved, go back to the site, and you can now place the new footprint.